asylum at the hard rock casino

coquitlam, bc


Size: 4,000 sq.ft.
Status: Completed


Robert Stefanowicz

Our task was to transform a dark, traditional sports bar into ‘The Asylum’, a vibrant performance venue for local musicians and upcoming bands. The goal was to attract a younger demographic by creating a sophisticated nightclub atmosphere featuring a large party bar, special VIP area, a stage for performing artists and a seating configuration flexible enough to accommodate a dance floor. The client wanted to create a musical showcase that would draw people in and keep them engaged while still being open to the rest of the casino.

We re-imagined the entire space, repositioning the bar away from the entryway where it acted as a barrier and creating a stylish backlit wall to draw people in. We reoriented the stage and made it visible from the VIP lounge and bar and pushed out walls to create a second level for VIP guests. The stage is removable, and that corner of the room has additional upholstered furniture to create a flexible lounge space.