a bold new year!

Many people start the year with a personal resolution, I also make a resolution for my professional life. I like to think in terms of a word that guides my approach to work. I generally share this word and its meaning with my staff, I thought this year, I’d also share it with you.
This year’s word is ‘bold’. I selected bold because it’s the comment that gives me joy when given in connection to a project Inside Design has had a hand in. In my mind, a bold design is; innovative, decisive and impactful so I relish the compliment. 

Today’s hotel or multi-family projects have a lot riding on them, typically, tens of millions of dollars (especially in the Vancouver market). And in a market like Vancouver, the expectation is, increasingly, bold or go home. 
What does it take to deliver a bold design? In a word, teamwork. To bring a residential tower to market or renovate 100 + hotel rooms requires; architecture, construction, marketing, sales, engineering and interior design. And what is it that seals the deal? The photos.
The marketing photo gets the couple to the display suite on a weekend afternoon. The on-line photo catches the eye of the hotel ‘booker’. What is the photo of? If you’re savvy, a bold Design! It’s the photo that gets signed contracts and bookings every time.

Like I said, it takes a team to create a bold design. It takes every member of the team to be aligned with the vision and working towards that common goal. To be bold you must lead not follow, to be bold you must build on your experience, not go with what is ‘safe’. To be bold as an interior designer you must understand the rules of design and know when to break them.

My intention this year is to be BOLD in all the work that I do. I have invited my staff to join me and I invite you to do the same. As one clever Roman (most likely Terence or Virgil) said “Fortune favours the bold”.