the residences at the pier

sidney, bc

Marker Group

Size: 7 storeys, 54 units
Status: Completed

The Sidney Pier has that new condo feel - the glass-and-limestone low-rise is definitely not a Victorian B & B or West Coast cedar lodge.

There is, however, an emphasis on all things local, from the macro-style floral paintings by island artist Laura Harris that decorate many rooms to the lemon verbena that flavours the prawn starter, picked from an island you can see from the window.

The look is contemporary and inspired by the sea: sand-tone walls, dark-wood tables, a blue-jewelled mosaic wall in the waterfront restaurant. Environmental design is also central, ranging from low-flush toilets to the building's hydro-thermal heat pumps. Bringing these themes together is the metal artwork that hangs in the lobby: a chunk of Greenpeace's Sea Shepherd II. The damage to ship’s hull is highlighted in paint, an artistic testimony to their activism.