Interview with Miho Nariya


Miho Nariya has been an interior designer at Inside Design Studio forover five years. She is a wiz at all things technical and always has a great restaurant suggestion on the tip of her tongue. Today, we sat down to learn about her career as a young designer in Vancouver.

So Miho, why did you choose interior design as a career?

I feel like interior design is an art form that everyone can enjoy. I was always interested in architecture and design. At first, I thought I wanted to be an architect but after further exploration I realized that I was more suited for interior design. I’m glad it worked out that way in the end.

We’re glad too! What is your favourite part about working at Inside Design?

I like seeing the final product. It is very satisfying to see a project go from paper to completion.

And what was your favourite project to work on?

I think one of my favourites was Preston’s Restaurant in Coal Harbour. I was proud of that project because it was near the beginning of my career and one of the first projects I really got to be involved in at the studio. I think it was a nice portfolio piece.prestons

Preston’s is definitely a great looking restaurant! What part of the design process do you most like to be involved in?

I like to do the technical work like computer drafting and 3D modeling. I’m definitely interested in getting to know 3D Studio Max and improving my skills in that area.

Specifying furniture is an important part of the design process. If you had to specify yourself as a famous chair, what chair would you be?


I’ve been told I am like Arne Jacobsen’s Ant chair because I like clean modern designs that are simple yet effective.

That makes sense. I also think they might have thought you’re like that chair because it was a very technical design in it’s day with only three legs and a revolutionary shell design. You’re also a petite person and the chair was designed to be lightweight.

The Ant chair it is!

As a designer, you often need to get inspiration for your projects. What inspires you?

museum of anthropology

Nature is very inspirational. Natural colour palettes and patterns often inspire me in my designs. I also think architecture is inspirational. In Vancouver, I like Arthur Erickson’s work like the Museum of Anthropology.

miku sushi

Since you’re the expert, where should we go to eat in Vancouver?

Right now I would have to say Miku on West Hastings. It is my go to spot for great Japanese!

Well Miho, we better let you get back to work. Thanks for giving us some insight into your career as an interior designer and we’ll be sure to check out Miku in the near future!

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