Design for the Year of the Snake 2013

According to the Chinese calendar, 2013 marks the Year of the Snake. This year, the colours you choose to have in your environment can attract or detract luck based on the symbolism of the snake and the element of the year. The internal nature of the snake is fire, however the element this year is water (others elements include wood, metal and earth). Since water puts out fire, the natural tendency of this year is that the snake will struggle to assert itself. By increasing the presence of the wood element, it can strengthen the natural fire element that the snake holds. The colours green, purple and blue can represent the wood elements this year, which attract luck for the Year of the Snake.

coast hotel lobby

This year, increase the luck in your homes and businesses by adding these lucky colours of blue, green and purple.

You can do this by simply changing bedcoverings, to even refinishing your wall with a new lucky colour.

Add splashes of blue and green by incorporating artwork, cushion covers and even touches of colour in the floor covering.

Inside Design Studio would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Chinese New Year!

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