Coast Hotel Lobby Renovation – Before and After


Before renovations

Check out the before and after photos of one of our latest projects, The Coast Surrey Hotel. The lobby hadn’t seen a renovation in over 25 years and was congested and outdated.  Our goal was to create a spacious and open lobby that would exceed that of the competition in the area.

The major design challenge in this space was the large structural column right in the middle of the space.  This threatened the open space concept we hoped to create, but the team pulled through with some great solutions.


After renovations

The first solution was to create areas of interest around the column such as a feature fireplace, an inviting seating area, and a unique check in desk. These spaces draw your eye away from the prominent column and around the entire space.  In order to create a more open feeling we chose a light colour palette and installed a polished marble floor to allow for reflection throughout the space. Semi-transparent drapery fabric was installed to allow a greater amount of natural light into the space.  This creates a bright and uplifting environment to welcome guests with.  The space was enlarged in order to accommodate larger groups with luggage and to allow plenty of circulation area for ease of entry to the hotel.

Overall the renovations created a more functional and welcoming place for the guests at the Coast Surrey Hotel.

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