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New Products, Inspiration and Fun at the IDSWest 2013!

12Interior Design Show West 2013 had yet again another amazing show! IDSI were at the show to get some inspiration and learn about the new products the industry has to offer.

The first thing that caught our designer’s eyes was the dining room installations. One that stood out to our designers was the textile wall made by cross-stitching yarn through the wall.


An interesting product we found was an extremely durable engineered wood manufactured by Brisco, which allowed the design of a 6-metre long bench. It was so strong that it did not require any support in the middle of the bench. Scott and Lisa got to test out this super strong bench that could seat more than 10 people.

IDSI also came across this fun art piece by Philip Collection that uses recycled bicycle wheels. It would be an amazing piece to add into any space that could use some playfulness.

Thanks to IDSWest for providing another spectacular event! We are looking forward to what IDSWest 2014 has to offer!

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Jewish Community Centre Locker Rooms

IMG_1941 as Smart Object-1Inside Design Studio Inc. recently completed a renovation for the Jewish Community Centers men’s and women’s locker rooms.  This project was a challenging one because the space had encountered many small renovations during the 20 years of operation.  The design team was confronted by many unknown existing conditions that could not be anticipated in the beginning of the project. However, Inside Design was able to overcome all the obstacles and ultimately created a clean and bright space for the JCC members to use before and after a dip in the pool.

The main focus of the renovation was to create a functional and bright space for JCC members. The layout of the women’s locker room was altered to create space for grooming, more shower stalls with glass partitions for privacy and more vanities to accommodate all members. In both locker rooms, the ceiling was reconstructed and lighting was installed in appropriate places for a brighter space. Finishes such as glass partitions, tiles and accent paint were used throughout the locker rooms. The design team wanted to warm up the space by using bamboo for the benches and the grooming area.


Inside Design Studio was able to take an outdated, dark and small space and transform it into a well-lit, clean and functional locker room. The design team converted a facility without enlarging the square footage, and changed the space into one that feels larger and can accommodate more people without feeling crowded. After a good swim or just relaxing in the hot tub, JCC members can now also enjoy this modern facility that was designed just for them.


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Modernize your Space on a Limited Budget!


The YWCA Hotel wanted to refresh their dated lobby on a limited budget.  With only a few changes, Inside Design was able to modernize the space to appeal to their youthful clientele. New modern and colourful artwork creates a focal point as you enter the space.  Bright orange chairs and a bold carpet tile area rug stand out and create plenty of comfortable seating for guests of the hotel. With only a few small changes, our team was able to create a more modern and youthful space.  What small changes could your business make to appeal to your target market?

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IDI Summer Party

Last night, the IDI hosted the Spanish Summer Spectacular at the Salt building in Vancouver. The Inside Design team had a great time at the event! What a beautiful set up for the event!



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HD Show Las Vegas

photoInside Design Studio recently went to Las Vegas to attend the Hospitality Design Show held annually at the Sands Expo Convention Centre.  Las Vegas is a great place to host such an event as it showcases some of the finest hospitality designs in the world.  Not only were we inspired by the new products at the show, but also by walking through the many restaurants, hotels, and casinos down the strip.

photoroballenNear the front of the show a standout booth grabbed our attention maybe more than any other. This booth was Milliken, a carpet company with a simple yet eye catching display. The carpets hanging in their booth were truly pieces of art and the bold colours had an illuminance you couldn’t take your eyes off of.

Another interesting collection was from Robert
lzfAllen Fabrics. The new Beverly Blvd collection, designed by Kirk Nix, has a great colour palate with funky patterns and lots of texture. This sofa on display in their booth showcased a few of the wonderful options.

We wrote about them last year and they have continued to wow us this year at HD.  I’m speaking of LZF, a unique lighting company that uses thin pieces of wood veneer to create some of the most beautiful and interesting light fixtures out there.

Once again, the Hospitality Design Show was eventful and inspiring and we were happy to attend. Thanks to all of our friends and colleagues who made it such a great time!

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