Crafting the Perfect Gaming Salon Catering to Upscale Players

l8cYnH2Rb9eW-AN8ET8hAoOu-R8xUiOiwrRqFmIQdnoDeep in the heart of Richmond BC lies Vancouver’s most exclusive gaming salon. Inside Design Studio was the first choice when selecting a design for this exclusive gaming salon. This private gaming salon caters to a coveted group of international players, with an Interior and services that meet their exquisite tastes.

The space is divided into 4 gaming areas including a private baccarat table, dining area for 10, and private lounge. Each space is finished with custom carpets, unique metal screens, and hand painted silk wall murals.   The tables themselves are imported from Italy with royal purple felts and Italian leather handrails. Above the main gaming area are modern crystal chandeliers complimented by luxury LED lighting throughout.

This interior is focused on luxury and manifests a higher level of abundance and success. Nothing is spared for this elite group.

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