October 2016

Giving Your Restaurant an Edge



Ask any restaurateur and they’ll tell you, success is a delicate balance involving a staggering number of variables: location, design, food, service, reputation … the list goes on.

In the decade we have been designing restaurants for the BC market and for hospitality clients across Canada, we’ve found that implementing a successful restaurant design also requires consideration of a staggering number of variables: brand, flow, materials, lighting, acoustic, etc.

Here’s an Inside look at how we provide our clients the best possible design for success.

When working with a new client we must familiarize ourselves with their brand and understand the function of the space – casual café or full-service restaurant & bar? The next step is to determine ‘flow’.

Flow is arguably one of the most important factors behind a successful restaurant. As designers, we must consider flow before we even begin to select colours, fabrics and furniture. Flow determines the way in which customers, staff and food move through the restaurant space. If the flow is correct for the function of the space then customer expectations and brand promise is met. For optimum efficiency in a fine dining restaurant, we recommend an order input station for every 40 seats. We’ve seen too many times, a server line-up at a terminal because too few input stations have been installed. This only leads to delays and unhappy guests.

Functional design is the best design. That’s why we take the time from the very beginning to plan the best flow for the restaurant. Once the flow is determined, the creativity begins. By staying on top of trends in restaurant design we’re able to provide our clients with insight into what’s a flash-in-the-pan (pardon the foodie pun) and what will lend lasting impact to their space.

We also meet with manufacturers and suppliers regularly to keep us up to date on materials – and seek out materials that are both aesthetic and low-maintenance for our restaurant and hospitality clients.

Finally, we lend our talents as experienced designers to create custom, one-off pieces that elevate any restaurant space and brand. For our latest restaurant project, a market style buffet in Bellville, Ontario (pictured above) specified rustic finishes and custom light fixtures to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, just what the client was looking for.

Let us help you create your next successful restaurant space. Get in touch.

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