January 2014

Design Made Tangible


Chances Gaming Centre was inspired by the industrial materials used in factories and old brick buildings such as the one formerly located on this site. Materials such as brick, metal and wood were used throughout the spaces to capture the essence of a factory building and mixed with modern styles to enhance the design.  The entry sets the stage for the interior. The entry walls are clad with steel and barrel-top artwork. This is contrasted with a distinctive ribbon chandelier, to create a bold memorable statement.

The unifying design element that knits the space together is a large wood band. From the reception to the restaurant, the bands consist of reclaimed barn wood to provide a textural quality.


Metal details, such as metal mesh, cold rolled steel and beams were used throughout the building. I-beams frame the entry to the restaurant and a large metal vent is used a focal point in the center of the restaurant.

Inside Design was able to make tangible the vision of an industrial aesthetic into a modern building.  From materials to focal points, each element was successfully selected and designed to provide a modern factory-like environment for guests to experience.


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