October 2011

It’s a Great Time to Renovate!

If you’re able to access some capital, a renovation in today’s market is a timely marketing and investment opportunity. Due to the economic downturn, there is a larger availability of contractor forces on the market. You are also more likely to have the most experienced personnel on your project due to downsizing within firms. Construction companies have also lowered their prices in order to remain competitive, so you can save money in the long run by renovating now. If you don’t have enough capital to finance your project, you can take advantage of the low interest rates of present.

Before Renovations

Before Renovations

Commercial renovations have been shown to improve employee performance. A well planned space will increase employee satisfaction and their efficiency. Retention rates will go up because employees are proud of their workplace and happier to be there. They are also more likely to promote the company if they are proud of it. Finally, employees will see a future in the company if it is making an effort to stay current and competitive.

Renovations can also save money on energy bills. By switching to energy efficient heating systems and water saving plumbing fixtures, both home owners and business owners can save a significant amount of money while helping to improve the environment.

Hotels can take advantage of low occupancy levels, which means inconveniencing fewer guests during renovations. They are also able to keep the hotel open while doing renovations if they are able to shut down portions of the hotel that aren’t being used anyways. A nicer hotel generally translates into more bookings which may also mean that you can afford a small increase in prices after the renovation. If hotels renovate while times are tough, they will gain market share from those who chose not to renovate.

After Renovations

After Renovations

The most important thing to remember while renovating is to spend money where it makes sense. Change areas that are no longer useful into areas that will increase profits, improve the areas with the highest resale value, and spend money on elements that will make the most impact. Renovations, over time, will maintain the value of your property and promote the image you want to project.

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The IDS Team Visits the Interior Design Show West

idswestOur team had a lot of fun visiting this years Interior Design Show West. We were there to be inspired and to see the latest product offerings in our industry.

One of the stand out booths was a furniture company called IZM. We especially loved their ‘Eyeful’ coffee table and ‘Fifat’ side tables.

Another great booth was Brent Comber who specializes in creating modern forms from ancient sources. We liked his solid spheres so much we decided to take our picture with them!

idswestteamCollaboration, a company that combines the artistry of sculptor Marie Kouri with the skills of landscape designer Dave Demers, had some beautiful pieces from their debut PL Series collection. We look forward to other collaborations from this team!


The Interior Design Show West seems to get better and better every year. As they said at the show, design definitely lives in Vancouver!

Beautiful photography from David Burdeny stood out from the crowd. We loved his collection of photographs from around the world

For more photos of the show, check out our facebook page and click like!

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