August 2011

Technology and Design in the Hospitality Industry

New technology paired with great design is sure to satisfy guests and turn them into loyal customers. Hotels these days need to be fun and they need to be equipped for the use of personal IT devices. All aspects of the guestrooms including lighting, climate control, audio, visual, connectivity and natural light can be controlled in an intelligent, integrated and user-friendly way.


One way to add luxury to guestrooms with technology is to put in bathtubs that offer ergonomics andtherapeutic care. One such tub is the Essencia Oval bath from BainUltra. This tub features a dual row of air jets, footrest and armrests, and hydro-thermo massage. The tub also features an inverted V backrest and integrated headrest, while the raised seat maximizes the massage effect for the legs. These beautiful tubs not only give guests a spa experience, but they enhance the aesthetics of the room.


Painless access to technology is important to guest satisfaction. Creating unique entertainment lounges and media rooms will keep guests connected and engaged during theirstay. Knowing this, the Ritz-Carlton Resort of Naples installed a state-of-the art “Virtual User Experience,” or “vue,” featuring game consoles, iMac access and even a 63-inch LCD screen hooked up to a touch-control Blu-Ray player. The space can also be a great space for events, videogame tournaments, and Wii Fit classes for guests. The room was designed in a different character than the rest of the hotel and features white furniture and eco-friendly bamboo floors to create a modern and fun feel.

Guests at the Talbott Hotel in Chicago are experiencing Square, a computing and entertainment experience that makes guests feel like they are at home in their living room. The system includes HDTV’s connected to a 1.4 inch-thin Apple Mac mini, a system with all of the state-of-the-art components of a Mac desktop or laptop computer at just a fraction of the size. The system also includes a wireless mouse and keyboard so that guests can relax on the couch while using the system. The Square system allows guests to do anything a Mac computer can do as well as record HDTV and watch movies via Netflix, streaming, or DVD’s. The system is streamlined and discreet within the guestrooms, allowing it to fit seamlessly with the current design.

Creating unique and engaging spaces for guests with the latest technologies can ensure hotels will remain competitive in their industry and will enhance the home away from home experience for their guests.

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